Ignominious Incarceration - "Of Winter Born" Review

What we have here is the debut album from the UK. Well to start off this is probably the best debut album from a band that I have ever heard. This band plays a simular style of music like that of Vital Remains (dechristianized album), which incorporates the brutality of traditional death metal and the technical playing of modern metal. These guys truly proved to me that they know what they are doing and that they have the talent to play along the side of the biggest bands in the metal scene. Bands like Ignominious Incarceration, I think would truly make Chuck Schuldiner proud. Overall I think this is the best release of 2009 and quite possibly one of the best bands to grace the death metal community since Decapitated! A must have for fans of Vital Remains, Job For A Cowboy(their new material), and Decapitated.

-Daniel Damnation

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Record Label: Earache Records