Sauron "Thrash Assault" Review

The titles of this album explains just what it is. It is a thrash assault from hell and doesn't let up until it pummels you into dust. It brings me back to old school thrash and old school black metal ala Venom. It has a very basement sound to it with a kinda low production which will take most of you metalheads back to the old days when Possession, Venom, Celtic Frost, and Sodom ruled the underground scene. Be warned if you don't like any of those bands that I listed then don't bother checking into this band. NO keyboards, NO females vocals, NO overdone production, just pure and raw black fucking metal!!! The guitar parts I would have to say are basic along with the drumming but these guys shred like there's no tomorrow. Black Shapes Will Rain Death From Above when you put this release in your stereo!!! Just buy this cd and warship satan fuckers!!!

-Daniel Damnation