Satyricon "Now,Diabolical" Review

Once again the pioneers of un-holy black metal have returned! If you are reading this then you obviously have heard Satyricon's previous release "Volcano" which was a great album to say the least but I truly believe these guys have taken themselves a step further. These guys tear through this album with their own unique form of black metal that truly is their own style, without straying away from their roots. This album is very melodic with a dark/grim side to it, you will find blasts and speedy parts through out this album but for the most part the album has a more mid-paced speed. The songs that stick out to me the most I would say are "Delirium" for it's somber/brooding edge, "K.I.N.G." well it just kicks ass, and "The Pentagram Burns". If you are a fan of their other albums then you will not be let down!

-Daniel Damnation