Arsis "We Are The Nightmare" Review

This may sound crazy but I have never heard this band til now, I have only heard of them before now.I have to say for a first listen I really realized I had been missing out. This band plays a style of death metal that is simular to that of At The Gates, with perfect blend of rhythm a ferocity that is capped off with some of the best technical riffing I have heard recently. Unlike many other bands I have heard in the past few years with this simular style I don't get bored half way through the album. The vocals on this one range between gutteral death metal grunts and a more shreeky style of death metal vocals. The overall music is a mixture of blastbeats and technical rhythm that incorporates thrash into the mix. Overall this is a great death metal album that may appeal more to those fans that are into melodic death metal then death metal fans who are into the more brutal death metal sound.

-Daniel Damnation