Apocalyptic Visions "Doomsday Device" Review

Most bands say they are “pure hatred” and all it is usually is just pure bullshit, but in this case Apocalyptic Visions are pure hatred and just plain angry. I have received quite a few death metal demos and albums from un-signed bands and I must say this is probably the best overall when it comes down to the quality of sound, layout, and musicianship. Most of the lyric content on this album is mainly geared towards death, murder, destruction and the overall demise of mankind with plenty of satanic verses. The vocals have an extremely brutal attack that is backed up by crushing guitars and a pummeling drum assault. This album may not be groundbreaking but it sure as hell kicks ass! Overall this is a great album that will annihilate your ear drums and restore your faith in death metal. For fans of Krisiun, Today Is the Day, and Vile.

-Daniel Damnation