Man in the Dark 3D (1953/Blu-ray/Twilight Time) Review

I am definitely someone who has passed by way too many noir films over the years and as I get older I regret not seeing them sooner. I guess my film tastes have became more vast as time has gone on. What we have here is a film I really don't think I heard of until recently. Unlike most any noir films I have seen before this one has a very unique and intriguing plot. Let's get into this autopsy and see what lurks inside!

After tough gangster goes under the blade to have an operation that could get rid of his criminal tendancies he is brought back into the crime underworld. Not knowing who he was before or where the money he hid is, he must now fight for his life and struggle to deal with his past that he cannot remember no matter how hard he tries. Will he make it out of this living hell alive?!
I absolutely love this film and really wish I could see it in 3D, which is on the disc but I lack the 3D tv and glasses. One moment would be great to see pop out at you is when Steve is getting the surgery and they do a shot of all the surgeons around him and they bring their surgery tools right at you. To me 3D is purely gimmick but when done right it can be fun to see.
There is one scene that I absolutely loved is when Steve is having a dream and the dream goes bizarre as Steve is on a tilt-a-whirl and the rest of the seats are filled with cops and they shooting at him. All along there is this creepy gypsy looking statue that keeps laughing. I really enjoy that added surreal feeling that scene gives to the film. It takes what could be just another noir film and makes it into something more special and also something that sticks out.
Overall this is a good film that took the gimmick of 3D and used it to enhance the films feel instead of just being a way to get asses in the seats like they do nowadays. The presentation is in it's original 1.33:1 aspect ratio and it looks simply awesome. It still has the grain intact and is cleaned up quite well. The audio is great as well and is clear, not to forget to mention it is in the original mono soundtrack. If you like noir films and haven't seen this one I say pick it up before it's gone! This release consists of 3,000 copies worldwide!

-Daniel "Damnation" Lee

Director: Lew Landers
Lead Actor/Actress: Edmond O'Brien
Genre: Noir/Drama/Mystery
Blu-ray Release Year: 2014
Theatrical Release Year: 1953
Time Length: 70 mins.
Rating: Not Rated
Region Code: All Region
Release Company: Twilight Time
Website: www.screenarchives.com