"Baba Yaga (1973/Blu-ray/Blue Underground)" Review

Review: Baba Yaga is based on an adult comic entitled "Valentina" which I am not familiar with, but I am familiar with the fairytale about Baba Yaga the witch which has been used in many other writings, one included is Hellboy. Usually she is described as a very nasty and haggish looking woman, but in this very odd film she is very attractive and is played by the sexy Carroll Baker. Normally films that go more in the erotic direction I usually am not too fond of, but that mixed with supernatural themes I became drawn into watching this film. Did I actually enjoy this decent into weirdness or was I let down?

 Baba Yaga follows a young attractive model photographer, one night after she has an incident which causes her to meet the mysterious Baba Yaga she starts to have very odd and weird things happen around her. Consumed by bizarre dreams Valentina becomes more and more drawn into the world of Baba Yaga. Is it too late for her or is she stuck in the web of sexual lust and torture set by Baba Yaga? Like I figured it would Baba Yaga definitely is not your typical erotic film at all. Instead of tons scenes of sex and pointless nudity you get sex and nudity but it's used in a much more tasteful way. Basically not for the sake of just cramming as much tits and ass into a film as you can.
Honestly you really get a pretty good story in this film even if it is quite odd. There was a few times when Valentina is by herself that actually got creepy which was due to the great atmosphere of the scenes. The use of offbeat music and Isabelle De Funes performance as a somewhat innocent and helpless woman I think is what helps. The most bizarre parts of this film mainly happen when Valentina has a dream, for example she has one of herself dressed as a Nazi soldier who blindfolds a naked blonde and makes her start walking into the water at a beach and a whole line of female soldiers shoot the woman as Baba Yaga watches, next thing you know it she is standing in her studio dressed the same way with the woman on the floor and the doll she gets earlier in the film turns into a person and walks by her. If that's not bizarre I don't know what is.
As the film came to it's close I can honestly say I was very pleased by the ending and all that happened in between. It was something that was quite unique and different from what I usually watch, but is a film I could actually see myself revisiting again and again. If you want a film with plenty of eroticism but also with atmosphere and an interesting story then I think this is the film you need to checkout. Also this release of Baba Yaga is beautiful and flawless like many of the other releases put out on Blu-ray by Blue Underground. Like you would expect the grain is still intact and is not scrubbed down by DNR. The picture looks very natural. Now keep in mind that this film is not filled with tons of bright colors, so don't expect a pallet of bold and bright colors throughout. For the most part you get darker and earth tones.

-Daniel "Damnation" Lee

Director: Corrado Farina
Genre: Erotic/ Supernatural
Blu-ray Release Year: 2012
Theatrical Release Year:1973
Time Length: 83 mins.

Company: Blue Underground
Website: www.blue-underground.com

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