"Children of the Corn 2: The Final Sacrifice (1993)" Review

Review: Finally after a long wait this film is finally on DVD officially for the first time! There has been a bootleg of floating around for a few years now that looked like crap and was all cut up and basically was a waste of money if you were stupid enough to buy it. For me this release is good news and I am very excited for it, but honestly for some it may not be such an exciting thing and I say this because this DVD is in the "full screen" format and for people who have a widescreen TV it may be a turn off. Personally I do prefer widescreen if it's available, but in cases like this I honestly do not care because I am more into this release for the movie not the picture's aspect ratio.

Now as far as the movie goes...well it's not bad, but it is far from being a classic like the original Children of the Corn. The plot of the film goes like this, straight after the events of the first film, the children are moved to Gatlins neighbouring town Hemmingford. A failed journalist called John comes to Hemmingford to find out what happened in Gatlin. His son Danny is with him, John and Danny don't get on well together. They are staying in the same house as Micah a boy possessed by He who walks behind the rows. Danny becomes Micah's friend and comes under his influence. Danny then falls in love with Lacy but in the end Danny has to make a choice which could mean life or death.

The plot does follow the basic premise of the first where the kids in the town all turn on the adults and decide to kill them.There is some weak points in the movie and that was main to do with some of the over the top characters like the priest and the sheriff to name a few. The acting does seem poorer than that of the first. It's hard not to compare it to the first, even though I did have some gripes with this sequel I can still say that I did enjoy it and really liked the early 90's feel that this film had. If your not sure what I mean by an early 90's feel then checkout stuff like Brainscan and Ghost In The Machine and you will most likely know what I mean.

Now onto what alot of readers of this review really want to know and that is what does the picture quality look like and is it worth upgrading from my VHS to? Well the easiest way to put it is that it looks like a pristine VHS copy and in my eyes is worth the upgrade especially at the low cost of this DVD. Bottomline if you are a fan of the Children of the Corn series than I highly suggest you buy this DVD now!

-Daniel "Damnation" Lee

Director: David Price
Genre: Horror
DVD Release Year: 2011
Theatrical Release Year: 1993
Time Length: 90 mins.
Company: Echo Bridge/ Miramax