"Zorro: The Complete Series Boxset (1990-1993)" Review

Review: Back when the 90's began there was a good amount of shows being made that were hero themed and out of this group of shows came Zorro and it ran a total of 88 episodes on The Family Channel. What you get in this set is all those episodes and then some. All the episodes are presented in their original 1:33.1 aspect ratio and for the most part they do look good. Now of the different series that have came out before and after this one I'd have to say this one is tied with the 1957 series and I personally think it's the best representation of Zorro to ever hit TV.
Now as far as the characters and scenery goes in this series I must say they did an amazing job with it and it looks very beautiful with the landscapes of Spain in the background. Now I can't necessarily go through and review every single episode of the series, but I can say anyone who is into Zorro and has not seen this series will absolutely love it. There is pleanty of action, adventure, and drama all rolled up to make this series be something you must not miss. For others who have had a chance to enjoy this series on TV in the early 90's well for you it will definitely be a blast from your past. This set is a total of 15 DVD's that like I stated before consists of 88 episodes and also includes a ton of extras that even has the original silent film "The Mark of Zorro"! Overall this is a great set that I can't reccomend more to fans of 90's TV as well as Zorro fans of any age!

-Daniel Damnation

Director: N/A
Genre: Action Adventure
DVD Release Year: 2011
Television Release Year: 1990
Time Length: 33hrs.44 mins. + Extras
Company: A&E/ New Video
Website: www.aetv.com