"Hatchet 2 (2010/Blu-Ray)" Review

Review: Well as you may already know Victor Crowley is back and he's out for blood once again! This film takes off exactly where the first one ended, Marybeth (now played by Danielle Harris) escapes the clutches of Crowley to only turn around and end up in another search for her father and brother, but this time she is teamed up with Reverend Zombie (Tony Todd) and a group of various locals who are being paid to bring home the head of Crowley and his swamp tour boat.

This time around you get 3 returning characters and the rest of the cast is new to the Hatchet world. At first when the film started I was kinda unsure if Danielle Harris could properly fill the shoes of Marybeth, well I think she fits pretty good but not perfectly. Tony Todd is back also, but he plays a much bigger role than he did in the first film and I was really pleased to see that because after I saw his appearance in the first film I really wanted to see more of him, but f course didn't get that until this installment. Of course Kane Hodder is back as Victor Crowley and Thomas Crowley and he is just as bad ass as ever! I must say though I thought his look in the first film was a little better, but he does look awesome none the less. There is also an appearance by R.A. Mihailoff (who played Leatherface in TCM3) and even a quick sighting of Lloyd Kaufman who was hard to spot, but if you look when they are having the meeting about going into the swamp after Crowley he is one of the last people to leave after they find out they are going after Crowley.

Now as far as the gore goes in this installment of the Hatchet series it as inventive at times as the first and just as brutal as you would expect and cranked to 11! There is also way more kills as well which is a step up from the first film even though I never seen the lack of kills being a problem with the first.As far as the story goes they do elaborate alot more on the origins of Victor Crowley and how he became cursed to haunt the swamp that he lived and died on. Adding in that back story really helped to make the film and legend of Victor Crowley that much stronger because without it in there the movie and story is just another "kill by numbers"slasher flick with another killer from a cookie cutter.

Overall this is a great sequel and should please fans of slasher films as well of course fans of the first Hatchet, but I must warn you that if you hated the first one you will probably want to stay away from this sequel.

-Daniel Damnation