"Eichmann (2007)" Review

Review: This film follows a police officer by the name of Avner Less who is in charge of interrogating and getting an omission of guilt from a man by the name of Adolf Eichmann who was the architect of Hitler's plan for a final solution. This is based off of actual events that did occur so it makes this film that much more better and takes it away from being just another fictionalized drama or action film about Nazi's. With that being said I can say I really did enjoy this film. There is a well balanced blend of flashbacks about things that Eichmann has done in his past and current scenes of Eichmann being interrogated as well as showing the stress and bullshit that Avner has to go through as he works effortlessly to get a confession of guilt at the same time of trying to hold on to his life and sanity.
You do get some character development in this film but not quite enough to really help you full engage yourself into every aspect of what is going on. The only character I could really get into is that of Eichmann because he is truly fascinating and has this sort of sharp wit that he uses to his advantage to manipulate every situation that he is in. As far as the rest of the cast they did good, but just didn't catch my interest very much. Like other films that are based around real or fictional Nazi's this one shows you how monstrous that some of them where and also shows you the atrocities that they committed.
One thing I must mention that I really liked is how they go from having a sepia washed out look for the modern scenes and a more vibrant color scheme when they show the flashbacks. The scenery and settings are quite beautiful and the props and wardrobe are very authentic looking and suite the period that they are set in. Overall this is a great drama about a significant event that happened in Jewish history and I would highly recommend this to history buffs and film lovers alike!

-Daniel Damnation

Director: Robert Young
Genre: Drama
DVD Release Year: 2011
Theatrical Release Year: 2007
Time Length: 100 mins.
Company: E One Entertainment