"Bitter Feast (2009)" Review

Review: After TV chef Peter Grey has his show canceled and his whole cooking empire torn down in front of him due to bad ratings and a vicious review done by cynical food blogger J.T. Franks, he is driven to go after J.T. and make him have a taste of his own medicine.

Unlike alot of the revenge films that I have had the pleasure of viewing in my lifetime this one does have a more unique story to it, instead of it being someone who loses their family or a loved one and than gets revenge you get a man who loses his cooking empire which is definitely different. In some ways it kinda has a "Saw" feel to it because of the whole teaching someone a lesson for the bad things they have done to so many other people. The casting of this film is spot on and and each actor plays their role perfectly weather it's a cynical asshole or a pretentious chef. Not to forget their is also an appearance by renowned chef Mario Batali.

The locations where they filmed at especially the ones at Peter's house which is out in the middle of nowhere in the woods are absolutely beautiful with lush wooded surroundings. Now as far as the writing goes I honestly have no complaints because when there is dialogue you don't get a bunch of filler or stale dialogue. Another thing I must mention is that I really can't find anything I did not like about this film as well, everything from the cast all the way to the sets and everything in between is perfect in my eyes.  Overall if you are wanting a revenge style of horror film then I highly suggest you checkout this very intelligent and well made film!
-Daniel Damnation

Director: Joe Maggio
Genre: Horror
DVD Release Year: 2011
Theatrical Release Year: 2009
Time Length: 104 mins.
Company: Dark Sky Films