"Lemora: A Child's Tale of the Supernatural (1973)" Review

Synopsis: A young girl who returns to her hometown to see her dying father finds herself being drawn into a web of vampirism and witchcraft.

Review: Before going into this movie I personally made sure I knew nothing about the plot because I wanted to be surprised  and oh boy I was by what this film had to offer. At first it starts off as this somewhat plain type of film and then before you know it you are thrown into a bizarre and quite eerie story filled with creatures, vampirism, withcraft, and hints of lesbianism. Now I am glad that this film didn't go down an atypical path because that would of made something this unique boring. Now as I did find this film to be odd I still think it has it's own sense of charm to it. There is alot of atmosphere going on all throughout especially in the more quite moments where all you can hear is the sounds of the night and then they throw in some faint, but quick sounds to add that little extra something to the scene. I may be wrong about this ,but I think the director Guillermo del Toro got some inspiration for his more fantasy films from this film because like Guillermo del Toro's films this one is about a young innocent girl is surrounded in a dark and mystical world unlike anything. Now as far as the characters go I really liked Lila Lee(Cheryl Smith) and the bus driver who gives her a ride and I have to mention he reminds me of a mixture between Tom Towles and Paul Giamatti. Overall this was a very good film that fans of off beat fantasy films will love and those who are just looking for something different!

-Daniel Damnation

Director: Richard Blackburn
Genre: Horror/Fantasy
DVD Release Year: 2004
Theatrical Release Year: 1973
Time Length: 85 mins.
Company: Synapse Films