Annihilator-"Annihilator" Review

Review: Formed in 1984 Annihilator rose up as one of the most respected thrash bands of the late 80's. Some fans of the band may be a little letdown by some of the material the band has released as of late but this album actual has a decent sound and doesn't focus so much on the groove metal sound that made their last release "Metal" such an upset for the fans. While this is far from a perfect release some of the thrashier moments make for good headbanging and some of the grooves are infectious enough to make up for the previous album. People just now deciding to check the band out should start out with their first two releases rather than this if possible. That being said this is probably the best thing they have released since the mid 90's so there isn't really much to complain about. With a little improvement on the vocals and maybe a little more speed here and there Annihilator might just be able to bring back the great technical thrash sound that made them memorable in the first place. So overall this album might bring back some fans of the band's classic material but then again it might not, it would work as a good album for people who are trying to get into thrash considering it has a ton of catchy moments and is very easy to get into. I'm not going to tell you to run out and buy this but it is certainly worth one listen.

-Sadistic Shawn