"Wedding In Hades- Elements of Disorder" Review

Review: Wedding In Hades is a doom metal band from France. This is their first full-length release and in some aspects it shows. The slow, dreary style that Wedding In Hades puts out has it's moments but it also comes with moments that drag quite a bit. While Elements Of Disorder does drag from time to time it isn't all bad. "As You Die" is a very memorable track in every sense of the word but there just isn't enough in the playtime of this album to put it anywhere near the top of the gigantic stack of doom metal. It seems when Wedding In Hades hits the mark they hit it hard with tracks like "Widow", "As You Die", and "Centuries Of Men" but, while these songs might get multiple plays from me the rest of the album is forgettable. It really is a shame because almost every single riff featured on this album is ridiculously epic but nothing else about it clicks with me. Give it a chance if you are into doom but overall I wouldn't recommend buying it until you've heard a few samples to see if it is your thing. Hopefully with the bands next release they will improve in the spots they are lacking because some of the riffs on this album had me drooling. 

-Sadistic Shawn