"Helevorn- Forthcoming Displeasures" Review

Review: Helevorn is a band that has been around long enough to master their epic doom metal sound and Forthcoming Displeasures works as the perfect piece to prove that statement true. From the opening moments of "From Our Glorious Days" the listener should be able to tell that they are in for a depressing yet beautiful journey led by the gothic doom behemoth that is Helevorn. The melodies used throughout the album are the main thing that make the overall sound so enticing. Everything about the album meshes seamlessly and it really makes the 50 minute plus runtime go by quickly. The vocal styles used through the course of the album are a clean, deep and powerful singing voice mixed with a booming growl. The two styles compliment each other well and they are switched on and off enough to make that aspect of the album interesting. The majority of the songs on Forthcoming Displeasures also have a strange catchiness to them. Overall fans of the doom genre should pick this up and people who are looking to get into the genre should also give this a chance considering it is one of the most accessible doom albums I've heard in quite some time.

-Sadistic Shawn