"Tromeo & Juliet (Blu-Ray) (1996)" Review

Synopsis: Notorious schlock and psychotronic production company Troma (known for such classics as Toxic Avenger and Class of Nuke 'Em High) hails Tromeo and Juliet, its contemporary adaptation of Shakespeare's love tragedy, a "thrill-a-minute, body-piercing, computer sex, sapphic, car-crashing extravaganza." Set in New York City, the tale centers on the Ques and the Capulets. The bitter feud begins when father Capulet steals father Que's Silky Films production company. As enemies, the two warring clans are always doing horrible things to each other. Tromeo Que is a computer nerd who spends much time fondling himself in front of his favorite sexy CD-ROMs until he falls in love with lovely Juliet and proposes to her while she sits upon a toilet.

Review: As you already know by now this film is a tromatized version of Romeo & Juliet which means you get all the blood, sex, humor, satire, and boobs that films from Troma are typically filled with. Now even though this film is in the same style as most films that Lloyd Kaufman has done I have to say that this one rises above the rest for me because I thought this one was really well put together and has a lead actor who plays Tromeo that seems to have some good acting abilities. Being a music fan I really liked how they incorporated Lemmy Kilmister (of Motorhead) to do some of the narration which for me makes this film that much more great. Like I said earlier in this review this film does still have that same Troma look and feel so if you are into their films then you of course will not be disappointed by this film and I think if you are new to watching their film then I think this would be a great film to start with. Now when it comes to the Blu-Ray of this film I have to say the picture quality actually looks great ,but the the only downside is that it's in the fullframe 1:33.1 format so you will get black pillar bars on the sides on a widescreen tv. When it comes to the sound it's great just like the picture quality. The only bad thing about these Blu-Ray's from Troma is the fact that they don't have much of the details on the back about the aspect ratio. Overall this is a great film from Troma and a good Blu-Ray for anyone who is a fan of this film to pick up and for anyone who does not own this one already!

-Daniel Damnation

Genre: Comedy/Drama, Release Year: 2010(Blu-Ray), Company: Troma Website: www.troma.com