"The Beast In Space (Uncut & Uncensored) (1980)"

Synopsis: A mission to retrieve a prized mineral from an outlying planet takes an erotic turn in this campy grind-house space opera from Italian director Alfonso Brescia. Dispatched to locate the rare substance, Capt. Larry Madison (Vassili Karis) and his crew -- which includes the voluptuous Lt. Sondra Richardson (Sirpa Lane) -- land on far-flung Lorigon, only to find themselves sidetracked when a sentient supercomputer kindles their libidos.

Review: This film is an official sequel to "The Beast (1977)" which goes from the arthouse to the grindhouse. Unlike the original I actually did like this film and found it to be cheesy fun in all the good ways. This film has alot of the same things that alot of the "star wars" ripoffs have including badly done lightsabers. Now I must say though that this is a bad film but if you don't take it seriously then you may have some fun with it. There is a spot in the film that had me thinking "what the hell is going on?" when they land on this planet and they cut back and forth between the charaters and 2 horses having sex and one of the women is getting turned on by watching that and she starts to feel up on herself. That was even more odd to me than when "the beast" has his way with her. When it comes to the hardcore material in the film it seems like it's inserted in and has sex doubles instead of the actual actors but I am not completely sure about that. I must say that I would only checkout this film if you can handle going through a very badly done film that's filled with some extra sleaze. Overall this is a bad film that on some levels is enjoyable and a good one to have fun with!

-Daniel Damnation

Genre: Exploitation/Sleaze/Sci-Fi , Release Year: 2008(DVD), Company: Private Screening Collection/CAV Distribution, Website: www.privatescreeningcollection.com