"16- Drop Out" Review

Review: 16 is a sludge/stoner band that have been playing for quite some time now. They have a distinct sound and truth be told it's a damn good one. It is clear when hearing this that the band had found a comfort zone and matured a little since the last release. The vocals are the main thing that makes them unique. The approach used is more or less something you'd expect to here from a hardcore band. On top of their bass heavy sludge sound this vocal style meshes extremely well. The majority of the album is very infectious and will stick with you after a listen. "Trigger Happy" is the best possible opener for Drop Out, it really sets the mood for what is to come. The riffs are very simple but so catchy and agressive that it makes up for it. The longest track on the album runs over ten minutes but with the high quality riffs 16 puts out the track almost seems too short. Overall if you want some good sludge that has a slightly different edge than most other bands of the style 16 is an excellent choice, Drop Out is also the perfect album for anyone wanting to get into 16's music. Get this!

-Sadistic Shawn

Band: 16, Genre: Sludge/Stoner, Year: 2010, Label: Relapse Records