"16- Curves That Kick" Review

Review: 16's first full-length is nothing short of great. This album is basically a bunch of pissed off dudes who happen to know how to play instruments. This is definitely the filthiest sounding thing the band has released. The entire album is overflowing with distortion and has such a raw sound that really ratchets up the aggressive sound the band puts out. Fans of the band's later work should give this album a listen, it is clear that the band has matured since this release but the powerful sound Curves That Kick has makes it worth a listen for any fan of metal. The majority of the album is a bit faster than the music featured on the next release Drop Out (also my favorite from the band). Much like the rest of the band's guitarwork this album isn't extremely technical but instead groovy as hell. If you are looking for sludge/stoner metal with hardcore edge 16's discography has your name all over it.

Sadistic Shawn

Band: 16, Genre: Metal, Year: 2010, Label: Relapse Records