"Dirtbags: Evil Never Felt So Good" Review

Synopsis: This fatalistic comedy explores the world of DIRTBAGS - they never achieve anything through honesty, whether it's the pharmacy student who uses his skills to make date-rape drugs or the weasel who videotapes girls without their knowledge (and then sells the tapes on the internet.) Will they get away with their schemes or is there really such a thing as fairness in the universe?

Review: Once again Bill Zebub has pulled through with another cool film. Unlike his other film that I reviewed "Breaking Her Will" this one is a comedy that has it's tongue firmly planted in the cheek. This film is quite vulgar in all the ways I like to see in a comedy. Now as much as I loved this film I would not recommend it to anyone who gets easily offended because there is alot of humor dealing with gay jokes, race, religion that would put any uptight asshole into a coma. I personally found the humor to work quite well in the context of this film and uses it in a very intelligent manner. I found the array of characters to be awesome and this film also features Peter Steele(Type O Negative). Once again also like his other film "Breaking Her Will" this film has a great array of metal bands on the soundtrack including My Dying Bride, S.O.D., and Type O Negative. Now I must say that the best scene in this film is when Bill does a speech on how there is no Santa Claus, it is seriously fucking hilarious. Overall I would highly recommend this to any fan of vulgar humor like that of John Waters.

-Daniel Damnation

Directed By:Bill Zebub, Released By: Bill Zebub Productions, Year:2009(DVD), Genre:Comedy, Website: www.billzebub.com Time Length: 104 mins.