"Breaking Her Will" Review

Synopsis: BREAKING HER WILL follows the path of one of the most twisted villains ever to appear on screen. What he does to his captive hitch hiker creates an atmosphere of utterly demented sleaze.

Review: After hearing alot of bad things about Bill Zebub's films I was actually intrigued to watch them. What we have here is my first experience with his films and I have to say after watching it I was actually very entertained and disturbed at the same time and that is a good thing if you ask me. I had seen an interview with Bill and he stated that the lead character is supposed to be the type that seems weak and what not but I honestly didn't quite see that in him. He looked more like a guy who would be in a band like Agnostic Front than a weak individual. Trust me that did not affect the film at all for me because the actor still did an awesome job at playing a sadistic motherfucker! Now I must say that the pacing of the film was more on the slow side but that just helps more with the uncomfortable feeling that this film gives you. I honestly would of made this film about an hour long but it does work fine at 94 minutes. I must say that unlike films like August Underground this one relies on atmosphere to make you feel uneasy then gore which can be a great break from all the gore splattered films that are being released constantly nowadays. One last thing I must say about this film is that I loved the soundtrack that they used, it was dark and really helped to set the tone of them film. Overall this was a pretty cool movie that I would suggest to anyone who wants to watch a fucked up movie.

-Daniel Damnation

Directed By:Bill Zebub, Released By: Bill Zebub Productions, Year:2009(DVD), Genre:Horror, Website: www.billzebub.com Time Length: 94 mins.