Wormrot-"Abuse" Review

Review: This is the debut album from Singapore based grindfreaks Wormrot. Not being much of a grind fan I was expecting the same old run of the mill grindcore that has came out in the past couple of years, but I am glad to say that this is not one of those bands. This band kicked my ass from start to finish on this album and that hasn't happened with a grind album since I first ever heard Napalm Death's album "Scum". I truly think this band has what it takes to stand strong with even the most legendary acts. Wormrot takes all the best parts of grindcore and mixes them with a little groove to make some of the best and most tolerable grind to of been released in the past decade in my opinion. This album tops off around 21 minutes and 23 songs and truly made me wanting more from this band. Overall there is not much more that I can say about this other than this is truly some of the best fucking grind you will find in the grind scene today! I highly recommend this to any grind fan!!!

-Daniel Damnation

Band: Wormrot, Album: Abuse, Label: Earache Music, Year: 2010, Genre: Grindcore