The Morningside-"Moving Crosscurrent Of Time" Review

Review: Just by the cover of this album I expected something more along the lines of funeral doom but I have to say covers can be deceiving at times because what i got was a more melodic doom/death metal album. This album takes the ominous tones of doom metal, the harsh vocals of death metal, and adds melodic rhythms to make a very solid sound. The songs are paced quite well and switches from hard driving mid-paced rhythms to a more melodic slower pace. Their style is in ways kinda like that of Katatonia with more harsh style of vocals. I did find this album to be quite enjoyable and very well put together even though time to time I found some of the songs where too drawn out. Overall this is a very well done album that I think fans of the darker side of metal will truly enjoy.

-Daniel Damnation

Band: The Morningside, Album: Moving Crosscurrent Of Time, Label: Badmoodman Music, Year: 2009, Genre: Dark Metal