"Luther The Geek" Review

Review: Basically this movie is about a boy named Luther who as a child when he snuck in to go see a circus geek he got his teeth busted out and when he got older he make a set of teeth out of metal that he uses as a weapon. After being released from jail years later after killing someone with his wretched jaws he is released and from there all hell breaks loose. When it comes to the story I have to say I really liked it's premise but at times I thought the movie kinda dragged and seemed less shocking then what they could of made it, but of course when they did have kill scenes they did a fantastic job of them. Now when it came to the killer I absolutely loved him, he basically is a psycho with metal teeth that clucks like a chicken when he speaks, how can you beat that. Despite it's flaws I really found this movie to be done quite well and really have a unique killer. Overall this movie does have some slow spots but it makes up for it with a well done dark atmosphere and a quite likable dirt bag of a killer. I give this film a solid 3.5 out of 5!

-Daniel Damnation

Directed By: Carlton J. Albright, Released By: Troma Films, Year: 1990(Theatrical) 2005(DVD) Genre:Horror, Website: troma.com Time Length: 90 mins.