Why Change The Cover?

One thing I have noticed the past few years is that when a movie is being released on dvd either for the first time or being re-released they always seem to go away from the original cover art or poster art, and end up using some really badly done photoshop done cover. The biggest example is the new re-release for the movie "The Gate" which is a personal favorite of mine so it tends to really irritate me, now I do own the original dvd release which has the original cover art so I could just swap them out but my point is that I should not have to do this and neither should you! Now I have to say there are some companies who release films with different coverart and it does work well such as Christmas Evil (Synapse), Basket Case 2 (Synapse), and The Devil Hunter (Severin) to name just a few. One thing I have noticed is that more idependent companies like Synapse, Troma, Severin, and Blue Underground show more care detail to the films they release on DVD when it comes to the cover and the overall features, I think that is why I love those companies so much. I hope you enjoyed my little article/rant about DVD covers and just so you know I will be doing more of these but not all will be rants. Thanks for reading and comeback for more!

Here is a quick example of what this article was about: