Most Anticipated Horror DVD Releases For Fall 2009!

In this short article I just wanted to talk about some of the upcoming releases to dvd that I can't wait to be released. Some of the more obvious (if you know me) are "The Gate (Re-release)" because I can't wait to see it cleaned up and in widescreen, "Hardware (First Ever US DVD Release) because it is a very underrated film that has caught my eye and I'll finally be able to see it without hunting down a sub-standard VHS copy, "Night of the Creeps (First Ever US DVD Release) I love this film and I have been waiting like the rest of the horror hounds for this dvd, and last but not least Phantasm 2 (First Ever US DVD Release) besides loving this film it's kinda hard to complete a series on dvd without the second one. These releases as well as many others are coming out in the months of September and October, you can find a whole list of upcoming release dates on the right side of this site so just scroll down and check them out!