"Stone" DVD Review

Review: Being a fan of biker films I was really excited to be reviewing this film, even though the trailer for this movie didn't quite give the movie justice. Basically this movie is about a biker gang called The Gravediggers who start getting killed off one by one and they swear to avenge their fallen brothers, but along comes a cop called Stone who infiltrates their gang and helps them to find the killer. With a plot like that you know your in for a great revenge film, and honestly that is what you get. The characters in this movie are great and very realistic, of course that's probably because they did use some real bikers. I think they did a really good job on the action sequences and the motorcycle riding sequences, hell the whole movie was really well put together and edited nicely. The pacing of this movie was pretty good also but at times it seemed to slow down and kinda hurt the progression of the story. Adding to that though I must say all the other stuff in between really made up for it. Overall this is by far one of the best biker films I have ever seen and honestly probably will ever see. On a final note I must give credit to Severin Films for bring this film to the light of day and giving people a chance to view it. I give this film a strong 9.5 out of 10!

-Daniel Damnation

Directed By: Sandy Harbutt, Released By: Severin Films Year: 1974(Theatrical) 2008(DVD) Genre: Biker/Action Website: Severin-films.com Time Length: 99 mins.