"Driller Killer" Movie Review

Review: This film is about and artist played by Abel Ferrara who is pushed to the limit and over the edge by the pressures of life and the pressures of new york city. The stress leads him into a killing spree of homeless people and few people who have done him wrong. His weapon of choice of course is an electric drill attached to a "porto-pack" which allows him to kill on the run. The characters in this film for the most part are not that bad but for some reason the only one that interested me was Reno because in ways he seems more real than the others. The gore/killings are done quite well, my favorite killing was when there was this really odd bum who is just standing there after these 2 guys get on a bus and slowly you see Reno stand up behind him and then he jams the drill into the guys back. That scene was just pure genius if you ask me. Overall this movie is truly a lost gem of horror from the 70's that delivers a well written and executed story along the side of some damn good killings, I think this movie will please any level of horror fan! I give this movie a 5 out of 5!

-Daniel Damnation

Directed By: Abel Ferrara Released By: Cult Epics Year: 2004 Genre: Horror Website: www.cultepics.com Time Length: 96 mins.

Special Features: Commentary By Abel Ferrara, French & Spanish Subtitles, Theatrical Trailer, and Porto-Pack Commercial