"Cinema of Death" Movie Review

Synopsis: Underground Cinema first appeared in the 1960s with groundbreaking works by filmmakers as Kenneth Anger, Stan Brakhage and Andy Warhol, whose films dealt with provocative subjects such as politics, sex, magic and death. CINEMA OF DEATH compiles some of the most recent extreme films made, featuring raw, poetic, explosive images that will enter into and linger in the subconscious.

Review: Like i did with my review of Experiments In Terror 3, I am going to be reviewing each short film separately. I am new to watching dvd's with short film so please bear with me on our trip through Cinema of Death! On with the review!

Adoration: This short starts out with a young asian man by himself in a room and he is waiting, and when the female arrives they move into a different room were he resets up the camera and it seems like all is well and they eat dinner, and then they go back into the previous room where the female reads off poems into a recorder. Everything goes bad when the asian man gets a gun and kills the woman and from their the short takes a more twisted path where the male ends up committing the ultimate taboo, cannibalism. ThThe overall short was very well orchestrated and was perfectly paced. None of the scenes dragged out too long and shows the dark side of the human obsession. I give this short a 4.5 out of 5.

Dislandia: In this short you see a young girl that wears a white paper mache mask doing various thing such as painting, scribbling on paper and messing with ants to name a few. This overall short had some amazing visuals that at times were quite creepy, but the time length of this one just ran a little too long in my opinion. To me the feel of this film was quite surreal with some fantastic cinematography. I really liked the way the little girl looked looked like, she had a really cool mask that kinda reminds me of leatherface's original mask in TCM. Like i said earlier in this part of the review, the time legnth is a bit too long and I would of made it maybe 5 mintues shorter but other than that it was made quite well and fits in well on this short movie set. Overall I give this short a 4 out of 5.

Pig: In this one you get to see the relationship between a killer and his victim. Of all of the short films on this dvd this one is my favorite and it also is the most disturbing. Some of the visuals can be quite graphic but in ways surreal. One thing I really liked was that they never showed the faces of the killer or victim which helps leave some mystery there. The only part that got to me a little bit is when a needle with a string attached is put through the victims dick and then through his nipples, but that mildly bothered me. Like all the other films on this dvd I really loved the black and white even though it takes away from the effect of the blood. It's sad that Rozz Williams had to committ suicide because I think he could of made even more masterpieces like this one, in ways it's his swansong. Overall this one is one film i will never forget. I give this one a solid 5 out of 5!

Hollywood Babylon: This short shows some of the exhibits from the Museum of Death located in Hollywood. It's not bad but I wish it would of been longer and I wish it also would of shown more, but what they did show makes me want to go there really bad. I really hope to visit this place sometime. Overall not bad. I give this one a 3.5 out of 5.

Le Poeme: In this short you see an entire autopsy and along with the autopsy you listen to a poem that is mixed with the sound of a storm at the beach. With the poem added in it makes it feel like much more than a standard autopsy and actually takes the shock away and makes it oddly beautiful. Out of the 5 short films this one is my second favorite. Unlike all the autopsy's i have seen this one is a little weird to me because the eye lids are cut off and the eyes are open the whole time. The ending was simply amazing how they had the voice of the man telling the poem start to get muffled and more intense as the body bag goes over the body and starts to cover the face. Overall this was a brilliant piece of work. I give this one a 5 out of 5!

-Daniel Damnation

Directed By:Various Directors Released By: Cult Epics Year: 2007 Genre: Art House Website: www.cultepics.com Time Length: 83 mins.

Special Features: Director's Introductions, 5 Collectible Postcards