Sachta-"Anosognosie" Review

This is the debut album from this death machine called Sachta. At first I didn't know what to expect from the basic and somewhat bland album cover, but after I popped this album in I was truly amazed by how good this album is. This band mixes hardcore, death metal, and grind that has a crushing sound that slams you to the ground and then oddly enough they have tracks that are instrumental with piano. This band has 2 vocalist that have 2 separate styles, on one hand your hear grind/scream vocals and on the other hand you hear death/hardcore vocals. I really like how each singer really works off each other to add to the brutality that this band delivers. Now as far as the guitars go they mainly play simple crushing riffs that works perfectly with the blasting yet amazing drum work. Overall this is a great debut album that crushes and pounds like no other! I higly recommend this people who love groove based death metal!

-Daniel Damnation