Baby Stab Horror-"In The Name of Satan" Review

When it comes to mixing death metal with black metal I have noticed that not too many bands can pull it off successfully and I honestly can say that Baby Stab Horror really pulls that combination off without flaw. The vocals mix up between tradition death grunts(i.e. Benediction & Broken Hope) and traditional black metal screeches(i.e. dissection and satyricon), this band makes the 2 work together without sounding lame or out of place. The musical aspect of this album is a great combination of grinding riffs with blasting drums and melodic black metal riffs. With all the great music it's kind of a let down when this band has a not so great name like "Baby Stab Horror" and some really badly done cover art and trust me that is the only 2 things that I was let down by from this band. Overall this is a great album with some of the best black death metal I have ever heard.

-Daniel Damnation