Novembers Doom "The Novella Reservoir" Review

Since I got into doom metal about 7 years or more ago I haven’t found too many bands that stick out from the rest, but this is one band that definitely has stuck out to me. Like their last masterpiece “The Pale Haunt Departure” these guys have kept with their brand of doom/death metal, but to me it seems like they have added a little more aggression into the mix. What I mean by their style to those who have not heard them before is a great blend of death metal brutality and dark yet beautiful doom filled harmonies. Some of the tracks that really stuck out to me are “Rain” which starts off with a driving beginning and rips into a death metal assault that doesn’t let up until about the middle and then it rips back into its assault, and “They Were Left to Die” which has a classic and great death doom metal sound. Overall the album has all the elements that a death/doom album should have and the lyrics on this album are very well written and in a way thought provoking. Definitely for fans of Opeth, My Dying Bride, and The Old Dead Tree.

-Daniel Damnation