Nile "Ithyphallic" Review

Once again here we are with another Nile album and after the 10 years I have been listening to them I still have to wonder if their unique style and sound of death metal will ever get dull and uninteresting and truly to me it hasn't. In fact I think this band continues to become much stronger from album to album. Even though at times I must say that it does seem like they use the same stuff over and over, but I could be dead wrong on that. On this album the band continues their crusade through Egyptian mythology and the necronomicon, and like the other albums these guys slam and pulverize from the first to last track. Aside from this album one thing I really like about this band is that every single song has a story and meaning behind it weather it talks about old Egyptian gods or ancient Egyptian culture. The guitars and overall music on this album have a very crushing sound ,but they have kept their frantic/speedy riffs. Overall if you love Nile like I do then you will love this album!

-Daniel Damnation