Cabin Fever (2016/Blu-ray/Scream Factory) Review

This film is the remake/reboot of the 2003 Eli Roth film of the same title which takes a more serious tone and strips down the humor. I know that the horror community is split down the middle about the original, but on thing I think everyone can agree on and that is that this is very much an unwanted and unnecessary  remake. While watching this remake I kept hoping for something new and interesting to happen, but what I got was the same film, but with different actors/actresses reciting lines from the original and playing out similar scenes to the original.

The story is exactly the same which follows a group of college students who rent out a cabin in the woods and after an encounter with a sick hermit they start to get infected one by one. Now if they would of completely started from scratch and told a new tale with new dialogue, new characters, and new scenes then I think it as a reboot could of worked. If you want what I see as a less entertaining version of Cabin Fever than I say watch this one.
They only positive thing I can say about this film is the fact that it has some pretty well executed practical effects. I wish they would of just made a sequel that cancelled out the 2nd and 3rd sequels like many films have done with other sequels. It just seems like such a waste of time, money, and talent to make a reboot of a 13 year old film. The best way I can put it is, fuck this remake and please don't waste your time with it!

-Daniel Lee

Director: Travis Z
Lead Actor/Actress:
Genre: Horror
Blu-ray Release Year: 2016
Theatrical Release Year: 2016
Time Length: 99 mins.
Rating: Not Rated
Region Code: Region A
Release Company: Scream Factory
Website: www.shoutfactory.com