Bad Ass 2: Bad Asses (2014/Bluray/20th Century Fox) Review

A year or two ago Danny Trejo brought us a character that we could all cheer for and in some cases relate to. I for one really enjoyed the first Badass film and was excited when I heard they would be making a sequel, and it got me that much more excited when I heard that the awesome Danny Glover would be along the side of Trejo. Both actors I have loved no matter how big or small the film they have done was, each one always seems to stick out as an actor who can add a certain level likability to any film they appear in. The only thing I had some worry about when this film was announced was how they would go about doing the story. Let's get into this autopsy and see if this film makes a great addition to the first or it's just another failed attempt to catch lightening twice?!

Three years after the events of the first film Frank Vega is doing well and life seems to be good as he runs his own gym where he teaches teens and others how to box and keep them off the streets and out of jail. Things turn for the worst when one of his students who he is close to ends being murdered by a drug lord. It's now time for Frank to hunt down those who are involved in the kids murder. Local liquor store owner Bernie teams up with Frank in order to bring double the badass to the ones involved. Does Frank and Bernie have what it takes to get their revenge or are these two badasses out of their league this time around?!
When it comes to the acting I got exactly what I expected and I thoroughly enjoyed both characters very much. Danny Glover reminds me of a mix of his character from Predator 2 and Gone Fishin'. He basically takes the "ass kicker" part of Lt. Mark Harrigan (Predator 2) and mixes it with the comedic side of Gus Green (Gone Fishin') which makes for a very likable character that you can take serious, but not the whole time. If you have seen the first film you should know what to expect with Danny Trejo, he does not stray away from the character at all and really seems to enjoy doing the role. It may be just me but for the most part the rest of the characters feel very cliche of typical which is fine because in the end all you really will be drawn to are the two Danny's.
The overall plot of this sequel feels in ways like the first film and really is nothing too special and really would make the film nothing special if it was not for the talents of Trejo and Glover. Now that is not to say that it's a complete throwaway plot because there still is some saving graces in the form of the humor that is throughout. Which that leads me to the comedy aspect which does a good job and has them poking fun at one another about their ages. In ways you could say this is an action film version of Grumpy Old Men which had two great lead actors as well. In the end if you enjoyed the original film you will probably enjoy this one as well, but if not then just skip this one. Overall I really enjoyed this film and I certainly will be revisiting in a double feature with the original!

-Daniel "Damnation" Lee

Director: Craig Moss
Lead Actor/Actress: Danny Trejo & Danny Glover
Genre: Action/Drama/Comedy
Blu-ray Release Year: 2014
Theatrical Release Year: 2014
Time Length: 91 mins.
Rating: R
Region Code: Region A
Release Company: 20th Century Fox
Website: www.foxconnect.com