I Spit Chew On Your Grave (2009/DVD/SRS Cinema) Review

Once in a while you actually find a no budget cheap film that actually has entertaining properties in it.Some people actually know how to make a so bad it's good film, instead of just a bored to tears bad movie. I think part of it lies in not taking yourself seriously, making sure that there is something going on at all times, and not trying to make a film bigger than what you have the budget for. Thankfully, "I Spit Chew On Your Grave" follows all of these guidelines, and comes across as a pretty hilarious throwback to 70's exploitation cinema with lots of dirty laughs thrown in for good measure.
Our "Hero" wins 100,000 dollars in the lottery, and goes with his friend to celebrate at the bar. Unknown to them, the bar is home to a gang called "The Gash Nasties", who are led by a warlock (looking like David Bowie from Labyrinth). The 3 girls in the gang, Honey Lips, Love Juice & Balls Deep are into raping guys and stealing their money. They're more than happy to do this to our hero & steal his winning lotto ticket. After they've left him for dead, a demon comes and "Rescues" him. Once in the demons lair, he is healed and given training to fight the evil Gash Gang to try and get his winning ticket back. Will he be successful, Or will the Nasty Gashes give him the raping of his life? Watch to find out.
Now, with a running time of only 58 minutes, there isn't really any time for a back story, or much set up at all. But that all right. With one liners flying such as one of the Gash Nasties stating that one of her deceased clients is "Deader than Corey Haims' career", you know you've got a winner on your hands. And pay attention too, because that witty dialog never lets up, and you'll want to catch it all. The movie is full of sight gags as well. You'll be very surprised at how much stuff they cram into the hour they have to work with. Fake hair, mustaches and accents abound. This is also a throwback to '70's cinema, so you get an aged looking film print, some great faux '70's music (one sounding like Led Zeppelin), and out of left field characters that try to fit in every exploitation film ever. The acting is purposefully bad, and humorous. This is a great movie for the dirty minded, and those who have a soft spot for cheap wackiness.
The film is shot in full frame, on video. The picture is just fair, but that is done on purpose to try and copy the grind house, exploitation look of '70's film and does a pretty good job. The extras are a commentary track, and some film trailers, including some of this directors' other films. Give this one a try with the gang on Saturday night. You might be pleasantly surprised. 5/10
-William D. Wolford

Director: Chris Seaver 
Lead Actor/Actress: Meredith Host 
Genre: horror/comedy 
DVD Release Year:October 6, 2009 
Theatrical Release Year: N/A
Time Length: mins.70 minutes 
Rating:Not Rated 
Region Code:Region 1 
Release Company:SRS Cinema