"Alyce Kills (2011/DVD/Vivendi Enterteinment)" Review

Review: Alyce Kills has one of those titles that doesn't mess around with trying not to tell you what happens in the film, instead it tells you quite bluntly and in alot of way I like that. Going into this film all I really knew is what it tells on the back of the DVD and what I got was alot more than just another horror film.
At first the film starts out very straightforward and serious which helps to get the characters established and then it dives into what I see as a mashup of gore and dark humor. Now I am not sure if it was supposed to have dark humor, but I must admit I found it hilarious when it got to a certain point. Ah hell I will let you know what I mean. There is a scene where Alyce has to dispose of a body and not knowing how to she experiments with many different ways, I guess you have to see it to get what I mean. Another thing I noticed but I am not sure if it was intentional is that Alyce wears glasses while disposing of the body and they remind me alot of Jeffrey Dahmer's glasses.

There is so many strong points to this film and the two main things I think stood out the most was the writing and the actors. Now not to say all the actors were good but the main two who really stood out to me was Jade Dornfeld who played Alyce and Eddie Rouse who played the drug dealer Rex. There really were the only two who really caught my attention and made their characters more than I would of expected. For example the character Rex is much more than just a sleazy drug dealer, he actually is aware of what is going on in the world. Jade does an amazing job of taking Alyce from being a pretty normal woman who then descends into insanity and darkness.

I know you are wondering about the gore, well the gore in this film is quite good. The best of the gore from Alyce Kills would have to be when she is dismembering the body of the second victim and she is doing it in such detail and even going to the point of using a baseball bat to break the torso put. If you do not like the more graphic gore then you may want to turn away during that part of the film. The other notable  gore was the makeup that they used on Alyce's friend who fell off the building.  All of it seems to be done practically and is very top notch in my book.
There really is nothing I hated about this film, I only really found some of the acting to be bad or not work well but I never got to the point of it taking me out of the film. If you are looking for a horror film that has some demented humor and fucked up things that happen in it I say give this a try.  I personally think that most horror fans like myself will enjoy this film alot. I give this film 4 out of 5 scalpels!

-Daniel "Damnation" Lee

Director: Jay Lee
Lead Actor/Actress: Jade Dornfeld
Genre: Horror
DVD Release Year: 2013
Theatrical Release Year: 2011
Time Length: 94 mins.
Rating: Not Rated
Region Code: 1
Release Company: Vivendi Entertainment
Website:  n/a