"Under The Bed (2013/DVD/XLrator Media)" Review

Review: Of all the films that I have been awaiting to be released this year Under The Bed was the one I seriously was most anticipating. From what I have gathered from a few early reviews I stumbled upon after seeing the film seem to be nothing but negative and just bashing the film. I honestly want to know what the fuck those critics were smoking as well as wondering if they are truly able to immerse themselves into movies anymore. When you become jaded and cannot watch a film and enjoy it for what it is then you need to quit reviewing. Anyways I will stop my ranting and get into this review.

 Under The Bed follows two brothers who after 2 years have been finally reunited after a tragic thing happened 2 years prior. Now that Neil is back it seems the thing that tried to get him before is out to finally get him once and for all. The two brothers must team up to finally take down the creature that lurks under the bed! Can the brothers finally win  this war with the beast or will they become it's next victim?! Now that is basically what this film is about. It is a simple plot for a pretty simple film. To me that is a good thing to see when it is done as well as this film was. Now if you end up do deciding to see this film please keep in mind that this is not a groundbreaking film and it does act like it is. I look at it as a simpler version of something like The Gate where the main protagonists are kids who have to take on a force much greater than they are. Most may not agree, but that is how I personally see it.
When it comes to the acting I can agree with some people who say that it's not all that great, but I would say that certain actors were not that great and could of been better. For example I hated the father because he is supposed to be a hardass, but it seems like the character was trying too hard and it kinda killed the scenes where he did that. Now the only other character that only had something minor that bothered me was the brothers new mother who had a weird accent that just was odd to hear. Other than those 2 things I really thought the kids who played the brothers were actually really good and they seemed to have chemistry that worked well and made them seem like real brothers. I personally like to see that due to growing up with a big brother who I was close to.
The creature effects were done very well and looked quite creepy. I jsut wish I would of not seen a few stills of the creature before I watched the film. I tend to like the mystery of not knowing what abomination will be lurking on the screen. The gore effects are also awesome, now keep in mind there are not alot of them but when there is they are fantastic. Also they are not done with CGI, but instead the practical way. Now when it comes to the atmosphere and feel of the film I really thought that it delivered some truly creepy moments that had me on the edge of my seat. For example there is one scene where the mother goes out to the garage to do laundry and the garage door gets shut and she goes to turn on the light and in the background you see the hand of the creature come up from behind the washer and it ends up slamming the lid.
Overall this is a good film that I truly thing fans of creature feature horror films will love. I found it refreshing to see something that does not deal with ghosts or zombies actually be made and released in a genre overflowing with ghosts and zombies. If you want something that is different than most of what is being crammed down horror fans throats then please go rent ot buy this film! I do want to note that on the DVD release there is absolutely no special features which is tragic because I would of loved to of heard a commentary by the director or even to of seen a behind the scenes featurette.

-Daniel "Damnation" Lee

Director: Steven C. Miller
Lead Actor/Actress: Jonny Weston/Gattlin Griffith
Genre: Horror
DVD/Blu-ray Release Year: 2013
Theatrical Release Year: 2013
Time Length: 88 mins.
Rating: R
Region Code: 1
Release Company: XLrator Media
Website:  www.xlratormedia.com