"Skull World (2013/Blu-ray/Unstable Grounds Inc.)" Review

Review: I have always been into films and documentaries about underdog people or things that are on the lesser known side of life. Skull World fits in both of those categories. Skull World follows a quirky Canadian metal head who is the leader of the Box Wars movement in Canada. You follow his journey as he goes from doing Box Wars on a small level to doing Box Wars at bigger events and even into a television show! Now let the autopsy begin!

The man behind the skull mask is none other than Greg Sommer who is a very charismatic and funny guy who is out to take the world by storm with Box Wars. He is unlike most people you have ever met in your life and quite possibly one of the coolest that you ever would meet. Now even though this is a documentary about a guy who is a bit of an underdog it doesn't take the direction of making you feel bad for him like many documentaries try and do like "Anvil: The Story of Anvil". Instead it opens you up to his world and shows you something you would of never thought of before. He shows that no matter how old you are it's never to late to have fun and be creative. Hell it actually makes me want to see if there is a chapter of Box Wars in my area.
Aside from showing the viewer something new it also is fucking entertaining and holds up well over multiple viewings. In some ways what Box Wars does is very much like "L.A.R.P." which stands for Live Action Role Playing which I got to see a documentary about before. Except this is more of a bad ass brawl and not so much of a fantasy role playing thing were you cast spells and count damage in numbers. For those who do not know what the premise of Box Wars is well it's basically you either have teams or it's an all out every man for themselves war where you try and rip off the other persons cardboard armor and if you do so then they are out. The last person or persons standing with armor intact win. I love when Greg goes to Australia and participated in a free for all that is immaculately put together. It's mind blowing to see what these people do with some cardboard and alot of imagination.
On this "Warrior Edition" blu-ray you get some extra features not on the DVD release. One of which that I want to mention is the self produced pilot episode of "Skull Man's Box Wars". I absolutely loved the show. It is made with little to no budget, but has a charm to it that makes it awesome. It reminds me of something in the vein of a Gwar video or concert. There is a segment where Skull Man gives you a tip on how to make weapons for Bxo Wars. It works well as a show that is a variety show or even just one with a running storyline. Overall this was a damn good and entertaining documentary that needs to be seen by as many people possible.

-Daniel "Damnation" Lee

Director: Justin McConnell
Genre: Documentary
Blu-ray Release Year: 2013
Theatrical Release Year: 2013
Time Length: 100 mins.

Company: Unstable Grounds Inc.