"Cheech & Chong's Animated Movie (2013/Blu-ray/20th Century Fox)" Review

You're not hallucinating. It's the legendary toker jokers Cheech & Chong as you've never seen them before
in their very first Animated Movie. Catch the buzz as their most outrageous routines and laugh-out-loud lines from their Grammy Award-winning albums come to life, including "Dave's not here," "Let's make a dope deal" and more. With help from a , bud-lovin' body crab named Buster, Cheech & Chong deliver the ultimate comedy high and give you the munchies for more.

Review: Anyone who is a fan of Cheech & Chong's films or comedy albums will be familiar with everything in this decent looking animated film. I have been a fan of theirs since I was a kid even if I did not get most of the jokes until I got older. When I first heard about this I thought it was going to be an all new film with new material done in animation. Instead what I got was older and some newer material seen played out in their films done with some very modern animation. I am a fan that is very much split on what I think about this movie.
On one hand it's always great to hear their old material and see it played out in a different way like animation, but on the other hand it seems like a cash grab and done in a more cheap manner. Now I also keep in mind that these guys are not getting any younger and maybe it would be hard for them to do a new live action film. If they could of just taken new material and even incorporated their older characters and just stuck to that instead of mixing the two. I will say that the criticism coming from me in this review is after only viewing it once, I may need to give it a second chance and watch it again.
When it comes to the animation alot of fans will probably hate it because it has that very modern look that seems like it was done with computers and kinda cheaply. To myself I really don't mind it because I have gotten used to due to watching different shows that my son watches that has very similar animation. To me this did not need to have mind blowing animation that looks insanely detailed. I say that because mainly due to the content which is very over the top and crude which some of you may understand. The only other way I would of liked to see it animated is in the style of  "Ren & Stimpy" which would of been more insane.
Overall I would still recommend this film even with some of it's short comings because when it comes down to it we still got another Cheech & Chong movie which is awesome no matter what! Most fans may still want to rent it first though, but if you are a huge fan then I say just buy it! I give it 6.5 scalpels out of 10!

-Daniel "Damnation" Lee

Director: Branden & Eric Chambers
Genre: Comedy/Animation
Blu-ray Release Year: 2013
Home Video Release Year: 2013
Time Length: 83 mins.
Company: 20th Century Fox
Website: www.foxconnect.com