"Piranha 3DD (2012/Blu-ray/Anchor Bay Ent.)" Review

Review: There has been so many films that I have run accross that alot of people seem to just hate and I hold off on seeing it and then one day I watch it and I end up loving it. Piranha 3DD is one of those! From all the people I know of that have seen it seem to hate it for one reason or another, maybe it's the humor or the intentional campiness. What ever it may be it seems to of worked for me. One thing I won't touch on in this review is comparing to the original film, but I will compare it to the remake. Now lets dive into these piranha infested waters and see what Piranha 3DD has to offer!

Not until about 2 months ago I held off on seeing the remake which luckily I only paid $3 for the blu-ray because it was not all that great. When I heard that Piranha 3DD was bad it made me made almost want to avoid it and I can say it's good I did give it a chance. This time around we have a different director and the man at the helm of this one is John Gulager who is best known for winning Project Greenlight and the Feast trilogy.  Yeah the 2nd and 3rd Feast films weren't the greatest but I still enjoyed them for what they were. Piranha 3DD takes place 1 year after the first, now everyone thinks they are safe from the deadly piranha that infested the lake and killed dozens of spring break partiers. This time around the piranha are going from the lake to the wave pool of a water park.
Piranha 3DD takes place 1 year after the events of the first film, the lake and town have been almost abandoned. The local water park is now about to have a grand re-opening. After a couple goes missing and one of the owners of the water park are almost killed by piranha she tries to warn the other owner. Even after the warning he insists on still opening, but he doesn't realize the hell that is coming his way. Two of the cast from the first film are back and those are Christopher Lloyd and Ving Rhames. The rest consists of either actors I am not familiar with and two which I think made this film great. Those two are David Hasselhoff as himself which is fucking hilarious and David Koechner as the other owner of the park.
Now when it comes to the kills and the gore they did what I expected and mixed both practical and digital effects. I think what they did with both for the most part looked awesome. One of my favorite gore scenes is when one of the male characters gets a piranha attached to his cock while he is having sex, I think most males will cringe when they see that scene. The piranha look just like they did from the first film, but they didn't follow the ending of the first about making them huge, they are the same size. To me that kinda sucks they didn't continue that, but oh well you still get some great bloody carnage.
I wanted to mention that I loved how David Hasselhoff was in this film, he was the opposite of what his character in Baywatch was like instead of being a man willing to help anyone no matter what he tries not to as much as he can. Instead he is kind of an asshole. Another thing that they did well is smothered this film with a ton of tits and ass! Even some that they did specially for the 3D effect. If you love a good old cheesy horror film then I suggest you not listen to everyone who bashes Piranha 3DD and give it a chance. I did and I absolutely loved it!

-Daniel "Damnation" Lee

Director: John Gulager
Genre: Horror/Comedy
Blu-ray/DVD Release Year: 2012
Theatrical Release Year: 2012
Time Length: 83 mins.
Company: Anchor Bay/Starz Films