"Lorna The Exorcist (1974/DVD/Mondo Macabro)" Review

Synopsis: Patrick, a rich businessman, celebrates his daughter Linda's 18th birthday by taking her and his wife to a famous casino resort in the south of France, where, 20 years earlier, he had won the money that enabled him to start his business and begin his rise to the top. At the casino he meets the beautiful and mysterious Lorna, whom he first encountered that night 20 years ago. She reminds him that he made a promise to her back then. She is the power behind his success and now she has returned to claim her reward - his daughter, Linda.

 Review: When I think of trash cinema there is a couple of directors that come to mind but the one who seems to stick out the most is Jess Franco. Namely because of his vast history of making films that fit into that sub-genre. Before you comment, yes I do consider "trash cinema" to be it's own sub-genre. From time to time I tend to get one of his flicks and give it a watch and I have come to realize that he either has films that are excellent or ones that just simply suck. That is why I was hesitant to diving into this film, read on to see what I thought of Lorna The Exorcist!
 Sadly this film belong in the crap pile of his career. Lorna really only delivered on one aspect and that is that it delivered on the sleaze and sex. This is how the film was structured; sex, boring scene, sex, boring scene and it kept on like that. To top it off there was way too many shots that would go out of focus for no reason and I honestly think they were not supposed to. Even when you did get sex scene they were very blah and seemed like the actresses were not into it. Also you better like the 70's hairy beaver because that is exactly what these girls are coming with.  I really wish I could of found something to redeem this film like I do in alot of films that I watch but I simply couldn't. Trust me I tried to. Usually a film of this nature can bring at least 1 redeeming element.
 Some people may like this film but I am not one of them. It just seems like a film that was made as quick as possible just so Franco could pay his rent. Just seems like there was no thought actually put into this film. It could of been way better if it would of had some truly good atmosphere and even some tension. Basically this is a film that seriously could of been something worth calling a classic of the genre. Overall I can't really recommend this film to anyone but if you insist on wanting to see it I say go ahead but with caution.
 I must add in here that even though I did not care for the movie I will still say that Mondo Macabro did a good job of putting this DVD together. You get plenty of great special features and also you can pick to watch it in english which is a rare version. 

-Daniel "Damnation" Lee

Director: Jess Franco
Genre: Sexploitation/Trash/Exploitation
DVD Release Year: 2010
Theatrical Release Year: 1974
Time Length: 100 mins.
Company: Mondo Macabro
Website: www.mondomacabrodvd.com