"Half Pint Brawlers: Season 1 (2010/Image Entertainment)" Review

Review: There comes along shows every once in awhile that are simply very cool, but sadly don't go further than 1 season due to low ratings or something like that and the show Half Pint Brawlers is one of those. From my knowledge at this point I cannot find any new info on a 2nd season. Anyways what this show is about is a group of midget wrestlers (yes they use the term midget) who go from one event to another and in the mean time they put a newbie through many tasks to prove he is worthy of being in their group of wrestlers. Yes this show is a reality show and that's fine with me because not all reality shows are bad, especially ones like this that are truly unique.

The only thing I will say that I didn't like about this show is how it only was only 6 episodes which is half of what most shows get for a first season and to top it off there are no special features at all. Even with that going on with this DVD it still didn't take away from my enjoyment of the show. I think this show will appeal to a couple different types of people. Those who like wrestling, those who like midgets, and those who just like something a little more off beat from mainstream shows. Along with them wrestling you also get them doing jackass inspired stunts, like drinking their own piss or jumping crocks with a motorbike.
For the most part they do traditional wrestling, but they do also some hardcore wrestling with weapons like staplers. Aslo they even have a wrestling match with some women in a pool filled with either lube or baby oil which was pretty cool to see. Basically this show does what it's supposed to and that is entertain. To me that's all I ask for, it's not something that's supposed to be life changing or anything like that which is fine. I will also add there is some drama added in when a former wrestler that was in their group comes in to help them out at an event which just adds to the show. Anyways whats reality TV without a little drama.
Overall this was a very cool show that I found highly entertaining! I recommend this to fans of wrestling and also those looking for something unique in a sea of reality show rip offs and spin offs! Now bring me a 2nd season please!

-Daniel "Damnation" Lee

Director: N/A
Genre: Reality TV/Sports
DVD Release Year: 2011
TV Syndication Year: 2010
Time Length: 138 mins.
Company: Image Entertainment
Website: www.halfpintbrawlers.com

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