"Tucker & Dale VS Evil (2010/Blu-ray/Magnolia Entertainment)" Review

Review: Finally after so many "backwoods" slasher films they finally make one that spoofs the genre, but in a caring way that still shows respect while having fun with the genre. What this film does is takes genretypical (yes that's a phrase I made up)group of college students on vacation in the woods and puts them in a typical situation found in the "backwoods" slasher genre and adds the perspective of 2 people who are from the countryside who are on vacation as well and are being treated like crazy rednecks by the college students like you always see in these type of films which makes for a fresh film. As the college students start getting killed off one by one the finger starts getting pointed at harmless Tucker and Dale, which as the title implies they must fight against the that is evil amongst them.

 To be honest this is probably the best film of this sub-genre that has ever been made, even with it flipping the story around and being more on the comedy side it still tops the films it in way parodies. The cast is one of the best parts of this film, you get some familiar and not so familiar faces. The ones who I was familiar with was Jesse Moss (Ginger Snaps), Katrina Bowden (Sex Drive), and the 2 who I recognize the most Alan Tudyk (Death At A Funeral) as Tucker and Tyler Labine (Reaper/Sons of Tucson) as Dale which is awesome because I have thought for awhile he was an underrated actor. Now for the rest of the cast they are not known to me but they all still work their roles just the way you'd expect.
Like I stated before the plot of this film takes itself in a different direction than films like it and really brings a fresh breath of air to the horror genre. The college students (all but 1 of them) do exactly what you'd expect and overreact the situation and not take the time to figure out what is really going on  and Tucker and Dal are 2 innocent guys caught in the middle of the mess that they stumble upon. Besides having a good horror side to this film there is a fantastic comedic side that I think will please all the fans of the comedy horror genre greatly. The comedy side does dominate this film most of the time but there are some parts where it gets serious and even suspenseful. This is definitely a good film to watch along the side of Shaun of the Dead and with a group of friends.
Overall this was a truly great comedy horror film that deserved all the hype it got and then some and I can surely see this film becoming a cult classic without a doubt!

-Daniel "Damnation" Lee

Director: Irvin Kershner
Genre: Action/Sci-fi
Blu-ray Release Year: 2011
Theatrical Release Year: 1990
Time Length: 117 mins.
Company: MGM Home Entertainment
Website: www.mgm.com