"Evil Bong 3: The Wrath of Bong (2011/DVD/Full Moon Features)" Review

 Synopsis: When an Evil Bong descends from the stars to stake its claim on planet Earth, four stoners are instantly transported to the smoky invader's home planet. There, they must battle buck naked extraterrestrial babes in the fight to get back home, and defeat the Evil Bong.

 Review: Once again the group of stoners from the previous 2 films are confronted with another Evil Bong but this time it's from space! Luckily though this film doesn't take place in space like other films have done with cheesy outcomes. I see this film in this series like that of the other franchises to come out of Full Moon in the past 10 years or so and that is that they seem to get better and better each sequel that they release. Now I don't think I would say this one tops the other 2 but I will say it stands up to expectations most fans of the prior 2 will have.
The thing that does separate this series from the others from Full Moon is that you have more of the characters coming back from film to film instead of maybe 1 or 2. Basically you get the same set of characters, similar plot line, and plenty of pot & cultural references of course. The returning cast of characters are Alistair, Larnell, Bachman, Brett, Luann, Cyril (credited and Gramps), and Evil Bong (original one) which is played by all the original actors and actresses. Also that is basically the same main cast from the other 2 as well. I also want to mention that there is a small role in the beginning of a killer played by cult legend Irwin Keyes (Oblivion) which is fucking awesome to see!
 For me the other thing that stayed the same is the hit and miss humor of the others, what I mean by that is that you get plenty of laughs but they aren't as often as most comedies or satires. Now don't let a comment like that discourage you from seeing this film because you will still get the laughs and also a great popcorn flick. One thing I wish I would of been able to do is be able to see what this film looked like in 3D even if it doesn't seem like it plays on the 3D gimmick like films like Piranha 3D or Drive Angry did. I must warn you that if you do not like any of the other 2 films then you will most likely not like this one, even if it is a little more fun at times.
 Overall this was a very cool film that easily follows in step with the prior films and works great as a sequel. This is a must see for anyone who are fans of Evil Bong 1&2 as well as fans of stoner comedies!

-Daniel "Damnation" Lee

Director: Charles Band
Genre: Comedy/Horror/Sci-fi
DVD Release Year: 2011
Theatrical Release Year: 2011
Time Length: 86 mins.
Company: Full Moon Entertainment
Website: www.fullmoondirect.com