"A Serbian Film (aka Sprski Film) (2011/Blu-ray/Invincible Pictures)" Review

Review: Of all the films that I have seen throughout my life that either had alot of hype around them for being shocking or disturbing very few of them have actually been disturbing or shocking to me. Now when it comes to the hype around the film we have here today, well it is much deserved.

I will give you a basic run down of A Serbian Film without giving away anything that will ruin the film for those who have not seen it. The film follows a once big Serbian porn star Milos who is propositioned to do a porn film from a guy claiming to be making a "artistic" porn film that will be revolutionary, but things turn out to be a bit more than he bargained for. That is the easiest way I could describe it without giving off too much. The controversy is mainly over a few scenes and how extreme the film gets at times. Most people who enjoy watching extreme horror films like the August Underground series or the Vomit Gore series will not have too hard of a time making it through, but those who can't stand those films better stay away by all means because it does get pretty fucked up!

Aside from the extreme aspect of this film the rest of it is great and really character driven and you get to know Milos and his past as well as his family, so it makes it that much more powerful than it would of if they'd just had the film get into the extreme elements earlier in the film. They did do a great job at casting Milos as well as the other cast members because each one really played off their characters well and also they looked each of their parts perfectly.

To those who have seen this for there is something you must know about this US release compared to other releases, this one is cut. From what I have gathered it is 2 select scenes near the end of the film that they cut down a bit which in ways I could see why because of how intense and graphic they are. On a side note I did hear from a friend that they cut them down due to legal reasons in the US. Either way it's cut the film works very well to shock and entertain the sick side of anyone. The gore is also a highlight and does look quite well and will satisfy any gorehound.

One thing I heard was that there is a message to this film and truly I could not figure it out, maybe I am just overlooking it or maybe there just is not one. None the less this was a very well made, well shot, and well acted film that deserves more respect for being those things instead of just being a shocking film. I highly recommend this to horror and film fans with strong stomachs because this film does push the boundaries!

-Daniel "Damnation" Lee

Director: Srdjan Spasojevic

Genre: Horror
Blu-Ray Release Year: 2011
Theatrical Release Year: 2011
Time Length: 103 mins.
Company: Invincible Pictures
Website: www.invinciplepictures.com