"Intruder (1989/Blu-ray+DVD Combo/Synapse Films)" Review

 Synopsis: It’s 10 pm and the employees of Michigan’s Walnut Lake Supermarket are in for a really bad night.  The place is shutting its doors for good, and the night crew has a long shift ahead of them… longer than they think!  The lovely check-out girl has a deranged ex-boyfriend, the store’s phone lines are cut, and the employees start dying in the most stomach-churning ways imaginable. A deranged killer is on the loose in the grocery store!  Can anyone stop this murderous intruder?

 Review: This is once again another film I am so glad I never saw the trailer for it before seeing the film because it would of ruined the film for me because when it comes to slasher films I prefer ones where I have to figure out who the killer is. This film was written & directed by the writer of Evil Dead 2 and is co-starred by Sam Raimi so with a pairing like that you know you are in for something good. One thing that I have heard about Intruder more than anything is that the gore effects were top notch, which is very true! They were done by the guys at KNB and knowing that it makes this film that much more worth checking out. The one effect in particular that I really like was when Bub (Burr Steers) gets his head crushed by a cardboard baler because I used to use them in previous job always wondered what would happen if you got crushed by one.
Aside from the gore effects the thing that I really liked about this film was the clever use of how they captured certain scenes, what I mean by that is they may show from the point of view of the rotary on a phone or the floor as someone is sweeping up the floor. I could really see the Sam Raimi influence when it came to that because of the camera work Raimi did in his films. To me it takes a film that would be considered just another slasher and adds a little more to it. Now as far as when I talked that I like to figure out who the killer is in a film like this I will say that I did figure it out easily and before the half way point, but still it was good to find out my own, I think most people would agree.
As far as the casting goes you do get some very likable characters that work well off each other and alot of them are probably like people you have or do know already. Sam Raimi plays a more straight laced guy were as Ted Raimi plays a somewhat goofy guy. Also you get a great lead female survivor Jennifer Ross (Elizabeth Cox) who is played like what you'd expect which is strong but vulnerable and on top of that she knows how to scream. The rest of the cast is great as well especially store co-owner Bill Roberts (Dan Hicks).
 Intruder was released by Full Moon Pictures on DVD back in 2005 but never seeing that release I can't compare it to this one. What I can tell you is that Synapse has once again done an awesome job, the picture is what I would expect and that is with all the film grain intact, a very cleaned up picture and a very clear DTS-HD MA English 2.0 Mono audio track. Also you get a good amount of special features that even include extended murder sequences from the original workprint of the film! Also just to let you know if you are one of the first 500 people to order this set from the Synapse website you get a DVD-R of the workprint version which will not be sold separately! Get that deal before it's gone!
Overall this was a pretty cool slasher that I can actually see myself going back to watch from time to time unlike most slasher films out there! Thanks for another great cult release Synapse!

-Daniel "Damnation" Lee

Director: Scott Spiegel

Genre: Horror/Slasher
Blu-Ray/DVD Release Year: 2011
Theatrical Release Year:1989
Time Length: 85 mins.
Company: Synapse Films
Website: www.synapse-films.com