"Camp Nowhere (1994/Blu-ray/Mill Creek Ent.)" Review

Review: Christopher Lloyd is one of those offbeat actors that seem to always be able to steal the scene or even the film in some cases but sadly for the past few years he has kinda went off the radar as far as films go and only does them now and then but he has done TV shows alot more. Back in the 90's and up into the early 2000's  he seemed to be on the top of his game with film especially for family and kids films like Dennis The Menace (1993) and Hey! Arnold The Movie (2002). Just in the year 1994 he appeared in 5 films alone and one of them was the film I am reviewing here today Camp Nowhere!

This film follows a group of friends that are so eager to get out of having to go to computer camp, fat camp and other various camps so they make up a way to dodge that and have a summer of freedom from parents, but thing go wrong when the word gets out and a bunch of other kids want in on it too. Christopher Lloyd plays as Dennis Van Welker who the kids blackmail to act as a councilor so their parents let them go to their summer vacation paradise. As you can tell this film does have a pretty basic plot but for a film like this would you expect anything else. Now even though it does seem as if you will only see a bunch of kids and teens  going crazy and having fun which you do, but you also get more than that in the form of father/son like bonding between Dennis and Morris and a love interest side story between Dennis and a local female doctor.

If you are a fan of films from the 90's then you will love Camp Nowhere and if you are already a fan then you will love this blu-ray release! Mill Creek surely has done a great job on this blu-ray, the picture for the most part is damage free but you do still see some from time to time. The colors for the most part looks pretty good and most importantly the grain in still intact so you still do get some great detail. Now I can't compare this properly to the older DVD release because I have not seen that release in years, but for the most part it does seem to look better. Overall this is a great release of a very cool kids film from the early 90's that if you have not seen you need to go and do so now!

Picture: 4/5 Audio:3.5/5 Special Features: N/A Movie: 4/5
-Daniel "Damnation" Lee

Director: Jonathan Prince
Genre: Comedy/Family
Blu-ray Release Year: 2011
Theatrical Year: 1994
Time Length: 96 mins.
Company: Mill Creek Entertainment
Website: http://www.millcreekent.com/