"Super (2010/Blu-ray/IFC Films)" Review

Synopsis: When his wife (Liv Tyler) falls in league with a drug dealer, average guy Frank D'Arbo (Rainn Wilson) dons the guise of a superhero, dubs himself the Crimson Bolt and tries to keep a tagalong comic-book store clerk (Ellen Page) from becoming his sidekick. But it's hard to be a superhero when all you've got to work with is a pipe wrench.

Review: In the past couple of years I have noticed an increase of films like these that are about an underdog who decides to fight against evil without being one who needs powers, but learns that it's not as easy as they thought it would be. Alot of them like this one take a way more realistic approach like that of "Kick Ass(2010)" instead of a more unrealistic comic book approach to super hero film. Honestly I was quite shocked a few times when certain things happened because I simply did not expect this film to go in certain directions. I guess I got the feeling it could be a little more light hearted and comical because of Rainn Wilson being in the film.
Rainn Wilson and the rest of the cast except Liv Tyler where absolutely awesome. The talent on this film consists of Rainn Wilson (House of 1000 Corpses), Ellen Page (Juno), Kevin bacon (Death Sentence), and Michael Rooker (Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer), oh yeah and not to forget a cameo from the president of Troma Lloyd Kaufman! The only actor that I hated but it could my distaste for her lack of any acting talent and that is Liv Tyler, she is very bland in this film like she is in every film she has ever done. Other than her being in the film there was nothing else that I did not like about Super.
From the start I had a big feeling that I would dig this film because it has director James Gunn who directed one of my favorite horror films from 2006 called "Slither". He is a director that can make an amazing film from a low budget and make it simply awesome and look good. Now I must warn you that this film is not for kids and that it is quite violent and graphic so please do not watch this film around your kids!
Overall Super is one of the best underdog super hero films that I have ever seen and I have no doubt that this film will be a cult classic!

-Daniel "Damnation" Lee

Director: James Gunn
Genre: Action/Drama/Comedy
DVD/Blu-ray Release Year: 2011
Theatrical Release Year: 2010
Time Length: 96 mins.
Company: IFC Films
Website: www.ifcfilms.com